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If you are interested in receiving product sponsorship, please mail your resume, including your background, special accomplishments both on and off the track and your racing schedule, along with all contact information (address, phone, email address) to:

K1 RaceGear
Attn: Sponsor
5861 Edison Pl,
Carlsbad, CA 92008

We accept Sponsorship Requests beginning October 1 – February 28. No requests will be considered after the February 28th cut off date. We no longer accept sponsorship requests via email due to the threat of viruses and email attachments that cannot be opened. Please send sponsorship requests via mail only. Phone calls will be directed to this website information.


Know more about us than we know about you. Do your homework. Sponsorships are a mix of business and relationship building. This takes effort on your part, as well as time, but showing genuine interest in the company and brand is respected and rewarded. Patience and loyalty to a brand scores HUGE points whether or not you are sponsored this season. There is always next season, and persistence pays off. For example, what if your proposal “knocked it out of the park”, but we didn’t have the budget to move forward with a partnership this year?  With sponsorship budgets depending on how well a company does financially the year before resulting in sometimes fewer sponsorships instead of more, the old adage rings true, “Try and Try again.”

Communication is key -The best way to get on our radar for sponsorship consideration is to communicate with us. Tag us in racing updates, product use photos in your race vehicle or just an occasional shout out via our social media channels like FacebookTwitter or Instagram. If you haven’t liked any of our social media, go do it now, it’s the best way to stay updated on what is going on at K1 RaceGear.

Make Us Proud. For K1 RaceGear the ultimate purpose of sponsoring is to expand brand awareness. We also gain useful information about our products from having them run in real world race environments. Whether you are winning races or experiencing technical issues using our product, learning from “real world applications” allows us to improve our products for consumers across the board. If you are seeking sponsorship – make it easy to get noticed. Being proud of your accomplishments is a good thing. Persistence is good but being a pest isn’t. Make sure what you are doing on and off the track is done using good judgement and thoughful of how we would want our brand to be represented.